Continuing Education - Administrative and Certificated Staff
Continuing Education - Administrative and Certificated Staff
Posted on 12/01/2014
SuperintendentTo our Puyallup staff,


As we enter the holiday season, it is sometimes nice to receive information that may help us to further our education and eventually earn more money in the process.  Movement on the certificated salary schedule is currently based upon the level of education (credits earned and degrees obtained) as well as the number of years staff have served in the profession (years of experience).  Although challenging to manage at times, an “investment” in “continuing education” often pays back the monetary investment many times over the life of one’s career.


As many of you are aware, we have actively sought out a partnership to directly benefit the “continuing education” for staff members through Washington State University Vancouver. At this time it is possible for graduate programs through WSU Vancouver to be obtained right here in Puyallup through a cooperative agreement with WSUV. Classes are held three days per week at the PSD Education Service Center. We are one of very few districts in the Puget Sound region to partner with a major university and host such a program on site. The instructors in the program are all practicing school and district leaders and this has made WSUV- Puyallup a model for high quality ”continuing education” in the state.


There are many fine choices that our staff may access in this region to further their education and to enhance their monetary compensation. The University of Washington Seattle, Bothell, and Tacoma, Western Washington University extension programs, CWU, PLU, Seattle U, SPU, City U, St. Martin’s, NNU, and several other education providers all offer strong program options and upward movement on the certificated salary scale.  As mentioned previously, WSU Puyallup is an option that our staff members, and educators from neighboring districts, will find here locally for program administration and school administration certification as well as master’s degree options. Dr. Glenn Malone can be contacted should you have questions about the WSUV-Puyallup option. Whatever choice one makes, please know that the Puyallup School District is deeply appreciative of the efforts that our staff members make to continually improve professional practice in service to our children.


The effort to form such partnerships and make the staff aware of the many options available is done for the sole purpose of directly supporting our students and staff members as we seek the very best opportunities to continue improving our instruction, student growth and achievement.  Thank you, to our certificated and classified staff members for the work you do each day to serve children. The recent recognition the district has received for outstanding academic achievement, welcoming schools, and the success of our arts, athletic and activity programs are a great testament to the very diligent and focused work of our entire team - certificated, classified and administrative, working together to serve “each child” in Puyallup.


Thank You for your work!





Dr. Timothy S. Yeomans