Message from the Superintendent - May 4, 2015
Message from the Superintendent - May 4, 2015
Posted on 05/04/2015
SuperintendentTo our Puyallup staff,


This week we have the opportunity to honor you and say thank you for the learning and support that is provided to our children in the Puyallup community.


In my visits to our schools I regularly see the wonderful instruction and genuinely caring support being provided for our students. Over the last few months the visits have included a number of examples of students sharing with me how much that they appreciate all the staff members, certificated and classified, in the schools making the effort to know and help them personally.


Sometimes that caring takes the form of saving the life of a student from a severe medical condition. At other times it looks like a kind word or a bit of encouragement on a day that is challenging, and it often takes the form of gently and kindly holding our students accountable for their required work.


When a group of students with whom I recently visited was asked to provide suggestions as to how the adults in the school might better support them, a young man smiled and said, "...please keep doing what you are doing, when I am at school, I feel like I am with my family.”  I simply can't imagine a more authentic or heartfelt compliment to all of our staff, and a better goal to which we can all continue to aspire.


On this very special week (Teacher Appreciation Week), please know that the work we all do together, as a team, makes a huge difference in the lives of children. It is a gift of support and an education that will have an impact, not only on the children we are serving today, but generationally.


On behalf of the Board of Directors, Thank You!  The work of our entire staff is noticed, honored, and appreciated.


Have a great week!




Dr. Timothy S. Yeomans  Superintendent, Puyallup S.D.