Message from the Superintendent - June 19, 2015
Message from the Superintendent - June 19, 2015
Posted on 06/19/2015
SuperintendentTo our staff and community members,


A huge thank you for the superior work by our staff members to educate and prepare our students for a meaningful post-secondary opportunity on their way to a productive and positive life.  There are so many positive examples of the work that is done to educate and support the students of our community that words of thanks and appreciation simply fall short.  At the bottom of the message are several links with slideshows and videos of our students in the process of learning, growing, and celebrating. As they say, "... a picture is worth a thousand words."

It also means a great deal to have such a supportive community in which to perform our very important work.  Thanks to all of the community volunteers who give thousands of hours to support the fine work of our staff members in the education of our children.  When we work together to make certain that our children are well served, the end result is overwhelmingly positive.


Please enjoy the links to the images of our students being successful and having fun.  Your work and your support of each child is both appreciated and noticed.


High School Graduation Ceremonies 

Special Spring Track Meet 

Elementary District Track Meet

March Gladness: A Decade of Service 

American Sign Language Career and Technical Education Program 

Automotive Career and Technical Education Program 


Have a great summer!


Dr. Timothy S. Yeomans

Superintendent, Puyallup School District