Public Records Requests

The District’s Public Records Officer is Char Krause, Director of Risk and Safety, 302 Second St. SE Puyallup WA 98372; mailing address P.O. Box 370 Puyallup, WA 98371- 0156; Telephone number: 253-435-6295; FAX 253-840-8959;


Requests for public records shall be submitted in writing to the Public Records Officer by mail, fax, or email using District Form No. 4040F or in writing that clearly identifies that a request for public records is being made and that it contains the information required under Form 4040F. Staff members receiving requests for public records shall direct persons making any oral requests to contact the Public Records Officer; staff members receiving written requests for public records shall immediately forward them to the Public Records Officer so the District can respond within five business days.