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Elementary Music

Band and Orchestra Program

Changes to elementary band and orchestra programs are set to take place in Fall 2020. Rather than transport fifth- and sixth-grade students to junior high schools for lessons before school, instrumental instruction will be held at each elementary during the regular school day.

The increased opportunity and ease of access for our fifth- and sixth-grade students will serve families more efficiently.

 • Equity and Access: All 5th & 6th grade students will have the opportunity to participate in band or orchestra during their regular school day.

 • Student Experience: Class sizes in band and orchestra will be smaller. Currently, feeder schools are grouped into one junior high location. The new model will allow greater instructional time for our beginning students. This gives a stronger foundation to our instrumental music program in general.

 • Junior High School Transition: Our junior high band and orchestra teachers will foster a vested interest in the growth and strength of their feeder school programs.

 • Transportation: Moving to this model releases the buses that were used to shuttle students back to their home schools. This allows for a more cost-effective use of the buses and will result in substantial overall cost savings for the district.

Band and orchestra programs provide opportunities for young students to develop confidence, improve listening skills, develop teamwork, and prepares them for an easier transition to junior high music programs. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to begin talking with their future 5th and 6th graders about considering to learn to play an instrument.

Choral Program

Choral music is offered to Kindergarten through 6th grade students. Music specialists meet with students in thirty minute blocks twice a week. Many schools also offer choir as a before/after school activity. Students have the opportunity to participate in formal grade level programs several times during their elementary years.