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Check out this PowerPoint for additional information.

In addition to your district computer, you will need to change the password on any personal devices you have used to establish a district network connection such as (cellphone, iPad or personal tablet). All PSD owned devices will be updated automatically.

Changing your network password will change all other network associated accounts: Schoology, Outlook, TAC, eSchoolPlus, BusinessPlus etc.. It will not change other accounts like Destiny, Renaissance Learning.

Skype and Outlook credentials may run a little slow during the password configuration update. A small pop-up prompting for your e-mail and password may appear for you to connect. This is normal and should disappear after one or two connections. Contact the Helpdesk if you continue to receive the credential window.

If you have shared your password with anyone (Staff or Student) to use PSDSTAFF (BYOD Wireless) your account will need to be removed from that person’s device. If not, the device will lock your account after 10 bad password attempts within 30 minutes (brute force attack). Depending on the settings of the phone: iPhone can lock your account within that time limit. Your account will return to Active use in 30 minutes but will be lock again if it the password change is not rectified. If you lock your account, you will need to contact the Helpdesk.