Student Services & School Safety

Our mission is to provide guidance to families, principals, counselors, and school staff in meeting the needs of students and community.  We aim to provide service and information, ease of access, and equitable and legal processes, as needed. 
Responsibilities of the Office of Student Services and School Safety include:

- overseeing school discipline and discipline procedures including Rights & Responsibilities
- arranging for early re-admission hearings and discipline appeals
- coordinating school attendance and BECCA 
- overseeing Student Activities and Student Accidents in Risk Management 
- serving as District Liaison to the Washington Schools Risk Management Pool
- overseeing the McKinney-Vento Homeless Program and serving as District Liaison to OSPI
- assisting with school emergency planning
- supervising Campus Security Officers and School Resource Offices

Improving Student Achievement by

Building Bridges between Home and School

Char Krause
Director of Student Services

Shirley Beauchamp
Administrative Assistant

302 2nd Street SE
Puyallup, WA  98372

253-840-8959  (fax)