Stahl Junior High Addition

Project Description:

The Stahl project includes changes to the existing building and construction of an addition to align more closely with our 1,000 student educational specification.

Phase 1 includes renovation of approx. 9,000 sq. ft. of the existing CTE and performing arts areas and approx. 2,500 sq. ft. addition to custodial/receiving and Commons, removal of thirteen (13) portables, mechanical upgrades, and a secure vestibule at the building entry.

Phase 2 will construct a 16,000 sq. ft. addition including six (6) general education classrooms, two (2) science and two (2) special ed classrooms, support spaces, and enhanced courtyard.

News & Updates

8/31/2020 – GLY continues to work toward completion and will be onsite until the end of September.  Fire alarm work and fire watch started today. The development engineering permit is in hand but the sewer permit is still holding up the building permit. The Phase 2 contract with Kassel & Associates is executed. They will mobilize this week.

8/18/20 - Phase 1 construction is winding down. GLY Construction will turn over the Commons next week and continue to work their way out of the building. The Pre-construction meeting for Phase 2 is scheduled this week with Kassel & Associates. Their anticipated Notice to Proceed is Wednesday, 8/26.

7/27/20 – Prior to construction work, the existing portables were moved to other locations in the district. GLY Construction began the work for Phase 1 of the project in early June. To date, the demolition is complete, footings formed, the boiler has been replaced, the chiller removed, slabs sawcut and underground plumbing is in place. Current phase 1 work includes framing and sheetrock work on the interior and beginning the roofing later this week.

Bids for Phase 2 were opened last week, and the apparent low bidder was Kassel & Associates. We will be asking the school board to confirm their selection at the meeting on August 3. The work of Phase 2 is planned to begin in late August.