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Florence L. Pope Elementary School
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2/22/2021- Back punch list walk through was performed last Thursday. The few remaining items interior include two graphic wall panel replacements in Zone A by Genothen and a few doors that need hardware (back ordered). Rooms 126/127 also need new cylinders on casework that are not key retaining. Library large white board was received and installed last Thursday completing the teaching wall. Main parking lot striping was modified to include yellow crosswalk stripes. Exterior ROW work is complete and pending as-builts to be turned over to Firgrove Mutual Water and County for review. Site line easement survey was completed last week and will be drawn and written up this week to be turned over to our attorney for final documentation and recording.

2/11/2021- Right of Way work is complete pending final inspection by Pierce County. The design team is receiving as-built information from Pease & Sons. Sitts & Hill will be onsite tomorrow to complete the site line easement survey of obstructions which will be recorded with the County. Final sign off is delayed pending Firgrove Mutual Water’s review of the water main redlines. O&M's are 95% complete and reviewed. The punch list is down to approximately 12 items which should be finalized by Pease next Wednesday.

1/25/2021- Sewer system has been repaired. The floor inside zone B will be repaired in the next two weeks. Ongoing tweaks to the lighting control and monitoring of the HVAC continue as we get the systems fine-tuned. Right of Way work will be ready for final sign off next week per Pease.

1/8/2021- The existing sewer line in the courtyard was found to have root intrusion and a break. NW Cascades will mobilize Monday 1/11 for a two-day repair. Right of Way work will be completed by Wednesday, 1/13. Light pole will be set on 152nd on Monday along with new catch basin in cul-de-sac of 122nd St Ct. E. Interior back punch was completed over winter break. Final change order will go to the board for approval on Monday 1/11. O&M's and redline drawings are 90% complete and under review currently by team. Certificate of Occupancy to follow offsite work approval by the county along with the completion of the redline drawings that the county has requested.

12/22/20 - Back punch check for architecture and landscape was completed on Friday 12/18. Civil work in right of way is 98% complete and onsite corrections related to site development will be completed by end of next week weather dependent. Pierce County needs the site development letter of approval from Civil to allow for the issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy.

12/7/20 – Right of Way work continued with the prep of the final curb gutter and sidewalks along 152nd. Taurus is onsite setting the electrical vaults for the final light pole on 152nd and Caliber is on their heels forming up to pour the curb, gutter, and sidewalks. Unearth has graded the area to the west of the new storage shed and Greenscapes is scheduled to finalize the landscaping behind the shed. Unearth will be starting the added catch basin in cul-de-sac. Mechanical HVAC has outstanding warranty parts back ordered holding up the 14-day trend reporting form starting and TAB to be finalized. Welded seams are about 70% complete in the Commons.

11/13/20 - Overlay of 152nd is nearly complete except for the south east turn lanes east of 121st. Pease will overlay this portion of the road vs. removing the curb and sideway on north side of the road. Caliber will finish sidewalks west of 122nd Ave Ct. E on north side of 152nd next week. Taurus will follow with the last light pole placement. Greenscapes will finish landscaping behind the new storage shed. The fencing contractor has one chain link gate to install between playground and future portable pad. Interior punch list items are nearly completed by all subs. Building HVAC system is still having some unit issues along with existing JCI controller failures. Parts are on order. The existing sewer line in zone B continues to be a problem. Flohawks will jet wash the line this afternoon and a detailed video will be captured to allow the team to determine what exactly is causing the system to continue to back up.

- Grind of 152nd was completed today. Asphalt overlay is scheduled for Monday. A new catch basin in the cul-de-sac will be added to resolve bird bath in south corner of turn. Landscaping around the storage shed is still outstanding and we are missing chain link gates around the playground. These items should be resolved in the next two weeks. Pease trailer is tentatively scheduled to leave the site middle of next week.

10/24/20 – Back punch interior items are nearly 95% complete. Lighting controls still need to be commissioned along with final mechanical HVAC system 14-day trends. Exterior site improvements continue to wrap up with playground striping being about 75% complete. Offsite ROW improvements continue to challenge the site. Pierce County installed traffic camera since the ground loops were jeopardized from saw cutting south side of 152nd. Elevations of curb, butter, CBs and ADA ramps were found to be too high in most locations so a rework of those will need to be done prior to paving.

10/16/2020- Roofing of the storage shed began yesterday; covered playshed roof will follow. Site catch basins have been raised and sod installed around them. Caliber set forms for curb and gutter along 152nd to the west of 120th Ave Ct. E. Weather permitting, grind and overlay of 152nd will begin next week. Onsite 30" storm line has been videoed and cleaned. A buried manhole was discovered 38 feet NW of catch basin 68. It will be potholed and raised. Interior building back punch items are about 85% complete awaiting the arrival of back ordered material. Commissioning is also about 95% complete pending the correction and back check of lighting controls and HVAC/TAB corrections.

10/5/20- Paving on 152nd Street is scheduled for this week. The last light pole will be set on 10/14. Detached cover play was painted on Saturday and lighting is being installed today. Roofing material for both play and storage sheds should be delivered and installed next week. Pease is pushing for site final by 10/16. Building interior back punchlist corrections are nearly complete. Site trailer demobilization should occur by end of week. The furniture supplier will be onsite Thursday to deliver the final chair order and make corrections to some damaged tabletops.

9/23/20- The kitchen was approved by the Dept. of Health and Pierce County issued TCO on 9/22. Building commissioning continues with only the lighting controls to finish a back check on. Back punch by Mahlum Architects was completed last week and Hargis Electrical yesterday. Mechanical back punch is tentative for next week. Final  finishes will be installed by Monday.  Pease & Sons will be  redoing the ramp to the stage next week with the middle landing being 5' per Pierce County. ROW curbs and gutters on 152nd will be installed west of 120th Ave Ct. E starting Monday with paving completed by end of week. Phase 3 work of detached covered play and storage buildings will also be wrapping up by 10/9. The play structure is erected and awaiting roofing. Asphalt will be placed under the structure  by end of next week. Storage shed roof was framed and sheeted yesterday with an expected  completion date of 10/5. 

9/17/20 – Flooring in the kitchen and gym storage areas was completed this week. ABCom has taken over the CCTV, access control, and intrusion work which should be finished by 9/23. The detached covered playshed will be complete tomorrow. The storage shed roof will be framed next week. The last leg of the Right-of-Way work is underway, and paving is on track for next week. Back punch of all disciplines will conclude next week. Filter change was completed today, and HVAC system is back on. Temporary Certificate of Occupancy should be issued by Monday.

9/8/20 - Pease & Sons is working with the Pierce County Health Department and Pierce County Fire Prevention to get the final signoffs on the site development permit and keep the separate permit for the Right-of-Way open until that work is complete. They are working swing shift to finish all the building punch list items. Day shift continues working on the detached covered playshed and storage shed. Both structures should be complete by September 28. Right-of-way work on 152nd Street should be complete this week and asphalt work will begin the middle of next week. The staff has been issued keys and their badges were activated. Security guard will be on site in the evenings until the security system is complete next week.

8/22/20 – Inspections of various systems are scheduled for next week.  Work inside the building on access control, intrusions, and CCTV systems and interior building finishes and casework will move to swing shift beginning Monday, 8/24. Pease will have a day crew working on the stand-alone covered play area and storage shed with a second crew working swing shift on the punch list, Kite classroom quiet room, transition strips, and picnic table installation. Offsite work by Fenix and Firgrove Mutual Water continues from west to the east with water main on 152nd. Once it is finished, paving is anticipated to occur the week of 8/31. Night security services are continuing until building security is complete. Network, phones, radios and WAP's are functioning, a desktop printer is on network, the new copier is scheduled for delivery on 8/28. 

8/18/20 – Some Pope staff returned to the building August 17 and began unpacking curriculum and supplies. Security systems are approximately 85% complete so onsite security has been hired until the system is up and running. Some interior finishes are yet to be completed including the gym stage flooring, rubber base, some interior doors and classroom casework, glass in the reception area, and a large mirror for OT/PT room. Key cores are being installed, landscaping is currently 85% complete, and right of way work along 152nd is under way. Building commissioning of the mechanical HVAC system is ongoing; all AV technology has been commissioned. CenturyLink installed POTS line last Friday and we are awaiting phone cross connect.

8/6/20 – Work is ongoing for both interior and exterior electrical wiring, building finishes, plumbing, and insulation. Exterior bollards and gates are being set this week.  Deliveries of furniture, fixtures, and equipment are approximately 90% complete. TCO (Temporary Certificate of Occupancy) pre-inspection took place on 8/5 with a re-inspection tentatively set for 8/13. Library materials will be unpacked beginning on 8/10 to prepare for delivery in installation of new library materials by Follett on 8/20. Staff will be back in the building by 8/17.

2/20/20- Exterior improvements continue including removal of the cottonwood trees on the north property line, seat wall forms, site grading and storm water pond fence removal with fabric install. 
Interior work: Zones A & B - Painting continues, hallway relights installed, classroom ceiling grid is complete, and light fixtures, HVAC soft duct and grills are being installed. Electrical wiring is being pulled throughout all rooms with a focus on power outlets. 
Zone C upper area – Painting and wall covering will begin next week. Storefront doors and hardware are being installed. 
Lower Zone C Commons/Admin – Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing rough-in is in full swing and cover inspection on March 2. 
Zone D - Wall covering continues this week along with storefront door install and hardware trim. Mechanical mezzanine units are placed with duct work being installed. The Commons roof will be complete tomorrow thanks to the break in the weather. Casework will arrive beginning February 28.

2/10/20- Ceiling T-Bar and wall covering has been installed in both Zones A and B (existing building). Installation of light fixtures and HVAC grills has begun in those areas. In Zone C, sheetrock is being hung with tape/mud following. Painting and wall covering in Zone D is taking place. Electrical rough in of the administrative area is happening. The roof over the Commons will be dried in this week with the break in the weather. Exterior metal siding installation continues. Storefront windows are being installed in Zones D and C. The site water main on the west side of the building (121st Ave) in being installed with additional fire hydrants. Exterior site benches and footings for bridges are being poured

1/17/20: The basic structure has taken shape. New siding is being installed on the exterior. Interior work is moving forward. 

Follow Pope Elementary construction progress on the webcam!

5/5/19: Construction work begins on Pope Elementary remodel and expansion.