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Kessler Center

Project Description:

Kessler conceptThis new building at the South Hill Support site will house instructional program spaces and administrative offices for five district programs including Puyallup Digital Learning, Advance, Special Services, Quest testing and Child Find assessment services.

The construction includes a 2-story building, steel framed on concrete footing foundation with light-gauge steel framing, metal and composite siding, aluminum windows, storefront windows and doors, hollow metal doors and single-ply, low-slope roofing. Site development improvements include earthwork and grading, landscaping, irrigation, sidewalks, curbs and parking, stormwater management, site lighting, domestic water, and sanitary sewer.

The project will also include the Summit Building, which is about 3,000 square feet to house IAES/ISS students.

    News & Updates:

    5/19/21 - Exterior - Windows frames and glass are nearly complete; siding is about 75% complete.
    Interior - Drywall is being hung throughout the building. Mechanical and electrical rough-in continues in the ceiling areas. Interior painting will begin next week and grid ceilings will follow. The main power transformer, the main HVAC unit, and the chiller will be installed around the end of May.
    Sitework: Sidewalk construction near the bus driver training area has begun. The Sport Court structure was completed in March. Underground conduit for power and communications were installed in April. 

    Exterior walls are framed, insulative sheathing is progressing, and interior framing is about 60% complete. First floor mechanical rough-out is 90% and 10% on the second floor. The penthouse and roof parapets are being sheathed. When those are complete, installation of the roof membrane will begin followed by electrical rough-in. Move-in is expected to begin in early August.

    1/6/21 - Structural steel was built-out in mid-November. Since then, steel framing has been erected at exterior and interior walls, which are at 60% and 30% complete, respectively. Mechanical rough-in of HVAC ducting, plumbing, fire sprinklers are about 30% complete. Exterior thermal insulation and flashing at exterior walls began last week. Installation of the roof membrane is scheduled to start at the beginning of February. COVID related delays has affected the installation of structural steel and material and labor shortages for steel framing. We are working with Pease & Sons to get back on schedule.

    11/6/20 - The underground infiltration chambers are installed and backfilled and the site stormwater piping is complete. Structural steel is 90% complete, including metal floor and roof decking. Concrete pour for the 2nd floor deck is scheduled for next week. Rough-in mechanical in the building has begun. Exterior framing and roofing are both scheduled to begin on 11/16.

    10/21/20 - The building floor slab was poured last week, and structural steel began to arrive soon after. Structural steel erection began on 10/19 and is about 40% complete (scheduled to be complete on 11/6). Exterior framing is scheduled to begin on 11/13. The underground infiltration gallery structure is installed, and backfilling is about 70% complete. The 17th Street entrance gate is installed, and gate controls are about 50% complete. Paint striping of the bus yard is complete.

    9/3/20 – Foundations are complete, under-slab plumbing and electrical in progress and capillary break will be placed next week. Floor slab pour is scheduled for 9/21. Structural steel arrives on 9/28. Footings for the Sport Court are poured and rebar cages for the concrete columns are being placed and concrete will be placed next week. Underground storm piping installed around the building. Area west of drive is grubbed and the excavation for the infiltration structures will start next week

    8/7/20 - Interior braced framed footings are complete and perimeter footings were poured this week. Stem walls of footings will be formed and poured next week. Installation of stormwater pipe continues. Fencing at the Bus Driver Training Area is complete. The new delivery entrance at 17th Street has been paved and installation of the rolling gate will occur the week of August 17.

    7/27/20 – Project bids were opened on March 19, 2020 with Pease & Sons as the apparent low bidder. Their selection was approved by the board on April 20. The site permit was issued on June 11 and construction began on Monday, June 15 with excavation in the bus driver training area. The building permit was approved on June 19. Pouring of the concrete footings began on July 27 and the concrete pad is scheduled to be poured by the end of August.

    During construction, access to the South Hill Campus site from 39th Ave Southwest is limited to construction vehicles only. The public entrance for the South Hill Campus will be from 17th Street Southwest. Paving of that driveway is scheduled for July 30th