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Karshner Elementary - Fire Restoration

Project Description:
Fire on the wallOn July 5, 2020, a fire broke out at Karshner Elementary causing extensive fire, water, and smoke damage to the east half of the building. The west half and some portables sustained less severe smoke and water damage. All areas required immediate clean up and mitigation measures. Damaged materials were removed, a temporary roof was installed, and areas were dried out to reduce further damage.

Assessments are continuing in order to determine the scope of the restoration needed. Design, permitting and construction services are ongoing based on the assessments. Procurement and installation of select equipment, primarily electrical, has been completed to allow testing of the remaining building systems.

PSD is working with insurance company specialists on the restoration.Fire at Karshner The restoration plan will rebuild the school to the original design to the extent possible. No expansion is anticipated.

Karshner Elementary is expected to be closed for clean-up and restoration until sometime in 2021. In the interim, Karshner students will be housed in the old Firgrove Elementary School buildings.

After the Fire:
The link below will allow you to tour through the building to view the damage. Although these pictures may be upsetting to some, they provide a glimpse of the total damage as water and smoke created more damage to the structure and infrastructure than the actual fire.


    Project News & Updates:

    • May 2021 - The building is looking more finished every day. This month's highlights:
      • * Fire Alarm Permit was issued by the City of Puyallup.
      • * Exterior siding repairs began at the end of the month.
      • * East end wall coverings and wood floor finishes in classrooms are in progress. Refinishing of wood floor in the hallway is complete.
      • * Ceiling grid in classrooms is complete. Installation of hallway grid began May 25.
      • * Casework in the west end and office was reset. New casework for east end will arrive in June.
      • * Electrical trim out continues. Network fiber terminations in the MDF room are complete.
      • * We are negotiating with the City of Puyallup to resolve specific ceiling grid “fixes” that are needed.
      • * Mechanical equipment (heat pumps for the west end, boilers, pumps and water heaters) has been started. New heat pumps for the east end will be started on June 7th.
      • * Carpeting is scheduled to arrive mid-June due to shipping delays.
      • * Technology and furniture are scheduled for delivery in July. 
    • April 2021 -We are busy! What have we been doing?
      • • A variety of inspections.
        • Door frames arrived and were placed.
        • The attic sprinkler system is nearing completion.
        • Final roof penetrations were completed.
        • Fire Sprinkler permit was issued, and attic ductwork signed off by the City of Puyallup.
        • Sheetrocking – West end walls were infilled, and skim coated. West side wall coverings completed in 4 classrooms.  East end corridors and classrooms are almost complete with the ceiling lids left to hang.
        • Floors – East end classroom floors repaired and sanded. Sanding in west end classrooms is 70% complete. The          library floor has been sanded and final finish applied.
        • Casework reset is underway on the west side and library.
        • Light fixtures are being placed in west side classrooms.
        • Ductwork cleaning on the west end is anticipated to be complete by the end of the month.
        • Mechanical and electrical rough-in continues. 

    • March 2021 -Progress on the reconstruction work is moving quickly! Some highlights this month include:
      • • The emergency radio system passed the test and won’t need to be replaced.
        • Shipment of ductwork was received and mechanical rough-in and installation of sprinkler system in the attic began mid-month.
        • Structural framing and sheetrock in the east end, hallways, and lower walls in the west end.
        • Mechanical work – Heat Pumps and duct work installed and connected in the east end of the building.
        • Electrical installations including electrical pathway, AV rough-in, and electrical feeders pulled in and inspected.
        • West end walls being skim coated and prepped for paint and wallcoverings.
        • Hardwood floors – Damaged areas in the corridors were patched/repaired and east end floors sanded.
        • Building permit was issued by City on 3/19/21.


    2/23/2021- Last week the existing ceilings and locker walls in the east end were removed. Structural framing enhancements and epoxy anchors for seismic upgrades are being placed. Electrical rough in of conduit and boxes is ongoing and electrical distribution feeders are being pulled in this week. Tel\Data demolition is ongoing this week along with intercom and clock. Domestic water lines have been replaced. Water source heat pumps will be set in place starting today and continuing into next week. Two water heaters and duct work arrived onsite.  UPN will bring fiber from street to MDF room. Insulators will start next week in the attic area. City of Puyallup came to a mutual agreement for the replacement fire alarm system. The building permit should be kicked loose in the next week or two from City as our second round of comments have been responded to last week. All except four submitted bid packages have been reviewed and recommended by J.S. Held. The project is on track to be substantially complete on or before July 30th.

    2/11/2021 – Abatement work throughout the building is 95% complete. Sare Electric is doing electrical demo and rough-in work to get feeders installed to distribution panels. Betschart Mechanical is mobilized on site laying out domestic water lines, camera scoping existing waste lines and cleaning. Neeley Construction is working on interior structural upgrades and sheeting walls for shear. We have 90% of the bid packages being reviewed for approval by JS Held. A commissioning kickoff meeting was held on February 9.  Heat pumps are tentatively scheduled to arrive the middle of next week. The City of Puyallup is reviewing the response to comments the architects sent them on February 2.

    2/1/21 - A crew from Sare Electric began the demolition of existing distribution panels, wiring and conduit on the eastern half of the building related to the fire. KD&S is continuing the abatement of the galvanized domestic water lines. Betschart Mechanical is installing new pumps and replacing plumbing fittings on hydronic loop. The installation of domestic waterline PEX piping will proceed once abatement is completed. New water source heat pumps should arrive by Feb 16th. We continue to work through permitting of installation drawings for the Fire Sprinkler System and Fire Alarm System with the City of Puyallup. Bid packages are about 85% bid out and Neeley is tracking to have all bids turned in for approval by Insurance by Feb 9th. Long lead time items including casework, carpet, light fixtures, and furniture have been ordered. The site will become more active over the course of the month leading us into insulation and sheetrock.

    -  Abatement activities are underway to remove galvanized domestic water lines and chalkboards including their adhesive materials in the west end of the school. Bid package pricing continues to be received. Packages will be forwarded to the insurance company for their review and approval. Final bid package pricing should be turned in for acceptance by February 9th per Neeley. A partial Schedule of Values approval for long lead items is being approved for release along with reimbursement for survey and analysis work on existing systems. The design team is working on a fire protection engineering letter to the City of Puyallup. This will form the basis to determine the design and mitigate the cost impact of upgrading the fire alarm system. The furniture order was placed. Delivery is set for July 26th -30th. Boush Moving will be moving teacher materials back from old Firgrove to Karshner in early August. 

    1/8/2021 - Roof restoration was complete the end of September. Electrical switch gear is in place and feeders are being terminated this week. Testing of existing equipment for damage is ongoing as power is applied to determine if further items will need to be replaced. Betschart Mechanical has received the new pumps and is working to install them this week in preparation to testing the existing boilers. Bid packages continue to be sent out to subcontractors and pricing is coming in daily for various building systems, flooring, and finishes. A site visit with the City of Puyallup Fire Inspector and Building Inspector will be set up for next week to review ceiling framing and fire life safety systems.

    12/22/2020- The site construction entry was improved with gravel last week. Electrical switch gear is being installed this week. State L&I electrical approvals were issued last week. Panel "D" in staff restroom will need to be relocated outside the room per code.

    The general contractor, Neeley Construction,  has all the bid documents inclusive of specs and drawings. They are bidding out all packages over the next three weeks. City of Puyallup building review comments were received and the design team is formalizing the response. We are waiting for comments from the City Fire Prevention and Engineering. Casework was approved to be ordered. Delivery is anticipated in late May/early June. Kitchen small wares were approved and need to be ordered. We are reviewing and formalizing the furniture and equipment proposal with the vendor next week and will be submitting it to the insurance company for review and approval.

    12/7/2020 - Electrical switch gear arrived December 4 that will allow the main building power to be restored and other systems to be tested. Bids for the casework package were received last week. The award of this work will allow production of the materials to start. Early permit drawings were given to the City of Puyallup. We anticipate receiving their first round of building comments this week. The design team is completing the construction bid drawings which will be distributed early this week.

    10/21/20 - At Firgrove, preparations to set up classroom A/V were complete by mid-September. HVAC repairs are complete. A fence enclosure has been installed to separate Garco Construction from the play yard and public yard areas. The reader board sign was replaced with a Karshner sign early in October. Roof repairs begin tomorrow and will continue through most of next week.

    10/16/20 - BCRA and  Clevenger Associates will work together to coordinate the Food Services equipment and build out at Karshner. A small kitchen expansion into the adjacent kiln room is planned.

      Preparing Firgrove to House Karshner Students and Staff
      During the 2019-2020 school year, old Firgrove Elementary was occupied by the Pope staff and student body while their building was under construction. They had vacated the buiding prior to the fire at Karshner, and PSD had begun to remove still usable equipment to prepare for the planned demolition of old Firgrove. That equipment will be reinstalled so Karshner students and staff can be housed at the old Firgrove Elementary while their school  is being restored.

      9/3/20 - At Firgrove, all safety and communication systems are installed and operational. Smart boards were installed last week and operational.  HVAC repairs are in progress.  Fencing around the play area will be installed prior to students returning to school.

      08.07.20 - A tour of old Firgrove was conducted with consultants to review the current condition of the school. A scope of work was developed to prepare the building for Karshner.

      07.21.20 - An assessment of the Firgrove interior was done. The building will receive minor improvements and repairs to allow the school to be used by Karshner staff and students. Work includes patching, painting, roofing, and mechanical system repairs. Security cameras and wireless access points will be reinstalled and networking completed. Smart Boards from Karshner will be installed at Firgrove.