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Employee Accidents and Injuries - File a claim

The Puyallup School Board recognizes that safety and health standards should be incorporated into all aspects of the operations of the District. Accident and Injuries must be reported to your supervisor, Human Resources Department and Puget Sound Workers' Compensation Trust immediately.  The Puget Sound Workers’ Compensation Trust is the third-party administrator managing the District’s employee Accident/Incident Reports and work injury claims.  


Whether you choose to seek medical treatment for an injury or not, you are required to submit an Accident/Incident Report.  Accident/Incident Report forms are submitted via computer online directly to the Puget Sound Workers' Compensation Trust. To assist you, please review the Employee User Guide - Reporting an Accident/Incident. If you do not have access to a computer, contact your supervisor or the Human Resources Department for assistance. Once your Report is received by the Puget Sound Workers’ Compensation Trust, it will be sent to your supervisor for review and investigation of the incident or accident.

If you indicated on your Accident/Incident Report form you have or are planning to seek medical treatment for your injury, your report will automatically become a work injury claim. Once your online Report and work injury claim is successfully submitted, you will be issued and emailed a work injury claim number by the Puget Sound Workers’ Compensation Trust. This claim number is to be provided to any doctor who treats you for the work injury.   

  • Submitting your claim and obtaining a claim number before seeking medical treatment is always best. However, if your injury requires immediate medical attention, submitting your claim and obtaining a claim number may be done after treatment is received.

    Upon submitting your Report and work injury claim, the Puget Sound Workers’ Compensation Trust will email you the following:

    - Your claim number (give this number to your doctor/medical provider)
    - Medical Cards (for treatment, services and/or to purchase any medical equipment you may need)
    - Prescription Letter (to fill/pay for any prescriptions from your medical provider)
    - General work injury claim information

    When submitting a work injury claim, also contact the HR/Return to Work Coordinator to discuss your status and next steps.  If you are off for any amount of time related to your work injury claim, you are required to complete a time loss election form, which must be submitted to the HR/Return to Work Coordinator and Payroll departments within 7 days of injury date.  If you are a PEA or PESPA member, you will complete this time loss election form. The District’s Return to Work Coordinator will review this required form with you, as your elections will directly impact District pay and medical benefit eligibility. Visit our FAQ page for a description of your options regarding time loss. All completed forms can be faxed to 253-841-8650. 

    NOTE: You may choose your own doctor/medical provider for your first treatment visit. However, ongoing treatment of your injury must be from a State approved Occupational Medical Provider.

    If you have general questions regarding workers' compensation benefits, please read A Guide to Workers' Compensation and Benefits. For specific claim questions after filing, please contact your claims adjustor with Puget Sound Workers' Compensation Trust at 253-778-7667.