Puyallup Education Support Professional Employees (PESPA)
Description: Interpreters, LPNs, Paraeducators, Science Lab Technicians

Collective Bargaining Agreement:

Agreement for 2017-2019

Salary Schedule:

PESPA Salary Schedule 2019-20

Work Calendars:

190 Day  Monday Only

191 Day  Monday - Thursday Only

197 Day  Tuesday Only

Tuesday - Friday Only

Wednesday Only

Thursday Only

Friday Only

Code of Conduct

Job Descriptions:

Special Ed - Advance Paraeducator                                                   Elementary Overload Paraeducator   
Special Ed - Developmental Kindergarten Para      ELL Paraeducator 

Special Ed - Excel Paraeducator    Health Assistant  

Special Ed - Kite Paraeducator    Highly Capable Program Paraeducator
Special Ed - Preschool Paraeducator   Interpreter Tutor

Special Ed - Resource Paraeducator   Interpreter Tutor Coordinator

Special Ed - Summit Paraeducator     Intervention Program Paraeducator 

Special Ed - WRAP Paraeducator   LAP Paraeducator

Alternative Programs Support Paraeducator    School Support Paraeducator 

CTE Paraeducator   Title 1 Paraeducator

Elementary Music Paraeducator   Elementary Library Paraeducator

Technology and Library Paraeducator


PESPA Evaluation Form