READY! for Kindergarten Classes

READY! for Kindergarten classes encourage parents to talk, sing, read and play with their child in simple ways that foster essential pre-literacy, pre-math and social-emotional skills.  Age-appropriate activities are designed to begin at birth and continue through age five.  The curriculum is bases on current research and replicates what parents and educators of successful students have done for years.  You, the parent, are your child's most powerful teacher.  With READY! for Kindergarten you plant the seeds for success in school and a lifelong love of learning for your child.

The Ready! for Kindergarten classes are for parents to attend to receive tools and learn skills to help their child be READY for kindergarten.  There are 3 classes in a set - one in the Fall, one in the Winter and one in the Spring.  When you sign up for a set, you are required to attend all 3 classes, as the next class builds upon what is learned in the previous classes.

Visit the READY! for Kindergarten homepage for more information or to register for classes.

How to download the READY! for Kindergarten App.