Work-Based Learning

What is Work-Based Learning?

Washington State Career and Technical Education (CTE) defines Work-Based Learning as a learning experience that connects knowledge and skills obtained in the classroom to those needed outside the classroom.  Blending school and worksite experiences motivates students to acquire high-level academic and in-demand workplace skills that can lead to rewarding employment and future learning opportunities. Work-Based Learning/Worksite Learning programs also transform how businesses recruit employees, train entry-level workers, profit from hiring decisions, and compete in the global economy.

The benefits for all students have become more apparent with increasing changes in the workplace emphasizing the need for highly skilled employees whose training includes practical work experience.  Encompassing many different strategies, Cooperative Worksite Learning is made possible through the development of partnerships between schools, employers, and the community.  A quality Worksite Learning program provides benefits not only to students, but to the business community as well.

Worksite Learning is a great fit for students age 16 and older who have junior or senior status and are working at least 10 hours per week. Students can earn 0.5 occupational education or elective credit for each 180 hours worked (verified by pay stubs) and 1.0 credit for 360 hours. Consider 1st period for a late start, 6th period for early release, or 0 hour if you still want/need a full 1-6 period schedule.

For more information, please contact:

Your high school career specialist

Emerald Ridge High School
Patti McMullan

Puyallup High School
Shelley Jellison

Rogers High School
Richard Mitchell

Interested in getting enrolled? Fill out the Worksite Learning Packet and return it to your career specialist.

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