2020-21 Student Calendar

School Calendar Update:  Emergency School Closure Jan. 13

Like many districts throughout the region, widespread power outages result in lost days of instruction and adjustments to the student calendar.  The following changes have been made to the 2020-21 school year calendar:

  • • Jan 29:  End Secondary First Semester (originally Jan. 28) 

  • • May 28:  School Day due to lost day of instruction Jan. 13 
    (originally marked as a ‘no school’ day unless needed for weather make-up)


Our waiver was approved by OSPI for the lost day of instruction that occurred Sept. 8, as we have met the required Districtwide average for total instructional hours. 

View the updated 2020-21 School Year Calendar below.  Tap on image for downloadable version.

2020-21 Student Calendar