Life is Good Scholarship
The gift that keeps on giving
Posted on 03/22/2019
The gift that keeps on giving

Emerald Ridge counselor Mariano Roy C. Leon-Guerrero, also known as Mr. L.G., was surprised recently when he stepped into the auditorium and found his peers, former co-workers, and friends there to honor him.

Emerald RidgeThey came to celebrate a new scholarship created in his name to honor Emerald Ridge students for years to come. Each person in attendance during the surprise announcement shared kind words and memories about Mr. L.G.

The Mariano Roy C. Leon-Guerrero “Life is Good” Scholarship focuses on a student’s character/disposition, attitude, citizenship, and service. To receive the $500 scholarship, an Emerald Ridge student must be nominated by a staff member. The recipients will have their name displayed on a plaque at the school.

The scholarship was created by Emerald Ridge counselor David Rosdahl, Principal Richard Lasso, and former Principal Kevin Hampton. “This award is unique as it honors a student who has impacted ERHS in a unique and compelling manner,” says Rosdahl.

“LG is a remarkable individual. Whether you’ve known him for a long time or this is your first encounter with him, LG treats every individual with the same respect, dignity and warmth that transcends typical human interaction.” Emerald Ridge Counselor David Rosdahl

Mr. L.G. says he feels deeply humbled with the scholarship, and by the sentiment and honor shown by colleagues and friends. “I am grateful to represent the staff in recognizing and honoring students who made a difference in our school with their upright character and deeds,” he adds.

Mr. L.G.The scholarship description reads, “The ‘Life is Good’ scholarship is named after Mr. L.G. who embodies the spirit, integrity, and pride of Emerald Ridge High School and its community.”

Mr. L.G. has been a counselor at Emerald Ridge since it opened in 2000. Prior to that he co-started the U.S. Army Junior Reserve Officer Training program at Rogers High School in 1994 and taught Social Studies from 1996–2000. He served in the United States Army and retired from service in 1993. He served as Regimental Command Sergeant Major of the 75th Ranger Regiment and was nominated and inducted into the Ranger Hall of Fame on June 1997 at Fort Benning, Georgia.

“It is impossible to define LG in one word. He has and continues to impact our district and community in so many ways….and the joy that he brings to those around him captures the true spirit and intent of the ‘Life is Good’ Scholarship,” says Rosdahl. 

If you are interested in contributing to the scholarship please contact David Rosdahl at

Kevin Hampton

Mr. L.G.