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VMEA Contest Results 2019

Emerald Ridge High School choir students participated in the Valley Music Educator's Association (VMEA) Solo and Ensemble Contest on Saturday March 2, 2019 at Sumner High School. There were 20 entries at the contest, and more male solo entries than any other school in our region.  Our region includes all schools in Puyallup, Federal Way, and Sumner School Districts. Winners in each category will compete against winners from 21 other regions around the state on April 26th and April 27th at CWU. Of the 12 categories for competition, we won one category, as well as several 2nd and 3rd place finishers who are alternates to state. If you have any of these students in class, please take the time to congratulate them. They worked extremely hard to make it to this point. It was fine set of performances and our Emerald Ridge students represented our school so well.


WINNER – Aidan McKee, Bass Soloist


1st ALTERNATE - Blake Camacho, Bass Soloist

1st ALTERNATE – Women’s Ensemble – Large – Megan Schuman, Caylin Morrison, Lexie Sherwood, Athea Leija, Roanne Ordillano, Telikiai A’etonu, Erica Schuman, Kaylie Murphy, Natalie Sullivan, Elise Winkler, Maddie Keaton

1st ALTERNATE – Men’s Ensemble – Large – Aidan McKee, Blake Camacho, Landon Carioto, Anthony Blackman, Mitchell Klein, Ethan Southwell, Charles Villanueva, Ian Stout, Justin David, Jack Lane, Cameron Vance

1st ALTERNATE – Ian Stout, Tenor Soloist

1st ALTERNATE – Men’s Ensemble – Small – Aidan McKee & Anthony Blackman


2nd ALTERNATE – Telikiai A’etonu – Mezzo Soprano Soloist


Singers who earned SUPERIOR RATINGS:

ER Chamber Ensemble—Telikiai A’etonu, Anthony Blackman, Landon Carioto, Mitchell Klein, Caylin Morrison, Kaylie Murphy, Roanne Ordillano, Megan Schuman, Natalie Sullivan, Charles Villanueva, Elise Winkler, Ian Stout, Aidan McKee, Blake Camacho, Justin David, Maddie Keaton

ER Women’s Ensemble—Emma Barnes, Angelina Nozdrin, Isabelle Fontana, Alexis Kling, Annabelle McKee, Alli Meyer, Kaylie Pitts, Livy Horsley, Hailey Nielson

Soprano—Camille McCall

Baritone—Charles Villanueva

Soprano—Kaylie Murphy

Soprano—Theresa Rose

Alto—Abigail Fichtel


Singers who earned EXCELLENT RATINGS:

Soprano--Savannah Jacobson

Mezzo Soprano—Erica Schieche

Soprano--Sara Morris

Women’s Duet—Megan Schuman & Caylin Morrison

Tenor—Mitchell Klein

Tenor—Ethan Southwell