Message from the Superintendent - August 2014
Message from the Superintendent - August 2014
Posted on 08/19/2014

A Tradition of Excellence - Opportunities are great for students to connect.


In the Puyallup School District we have a very clear focus on the improvement of instruction, student growth, and achievement. We work diligently to make sure that our students not only progress toward graduation from our high schools, but are prepared to take advantage of post-secondary opportunities that are so necessary to have successful careers.


Among the most positive aspects of our schools are the many opportunities that our students have at all levels to connect positively with their peers and to serve their community.


Just before school let out in June, I had the privilege of seeing nearly 200 Puyallup School District students honored for community service by the United Way of Pierce County (see related article on page 9). In each of our schools there are opportunities to participate in service projects that not only benefit local, statewide, and worldwide programs and organizations, but instill in students the value of giving back to the community that supports them. Many of these same students participated in more than 80 service projects and raised tens of thousands of dollars as part of the annual March Gladness campaign sponsored by Communities In Schools of Puyallup.


During March Gladness, students and staff also donated more than 5,000 hours to beneficial causes. Most importantly, the annual program provides students a meaningful opportunity to come together and belong to something larger than themselves.


In all of our schools, opportunities to participate in art, music, drama, sports, clubs, and other activities provide important venues for students to work together in pursuit of common goals. There is a great value in learning to work with others, to respect strengths and differences, and to extend the opportunity to others to be included. In observing our teams, performing groups, productions, and student-led projects, I am so impressed with the learning that is taking place in our co-curricular activities.


As we move forward in our efforts to improve the education we provide and further bolster students’ preparation for postsecondary opportunities, I hope our community is aware of the significant learning and value that exists through the numerous opportunities our students have to connect and participate in Puyallup schools.


With the start of the 2014-15 school year, I encourage each member of our community take time to interact with at least one of our students as he or she performs service or participates in one of the many co-curricular school activity options available for them to connect in a positive way.