Message from the Superintendent - October 12, 2015
Message from the Superintendent - October 12, 2015
Posted on 10/12/2015

To our Puyallup staff,


In five days ballots for the upcoming School Construction and Facility Improvements bond issue will begin arriving in mail boxes.


There has been a great deal of information shared with our community regarding the very real need that exists to relieve overcrowding and to deal with the very rapid growth within our community.


I cannot stress strongly enough how important it is for our staff, parents, and community members who are registered voters in the Puyallup School District to take the time to vote and to send in their ballots.


I would respectfully ask each and every staff member to take the time this week to remind every parent, student, and community member with whom we come into contact to be sure to vote.


As a district we have made every effort to deal as proactively as possible with the intense pressures of student population growth in our schools. As we are all well aware, students who are seniors today were in kindergarten the last time a bond measure passed.


It is extremely important that the bond measure is decided by an informed electorate that expresses their desire for the future of the community by casting their ballots. We must make every effort as informed community members to make sure that indifference and inaction do not determine the future for our students in Puyallup.


Please take the time to inform our parents, neighbors, and community members of the facts (linked below) and the established need. Please take the time to cast your vote and urge all of the members of your family who are registered to do so.


Thank you for your time and consideration of this request.


2015 Bond Election Information




Dr. Timothy S. Yeomans

Superintendent, Puyallup School District