Instructional Materials

Instructional Materials are all materials – both printed and digital - used by students and their teachers as learning resources to provide each child with the essential skills to prepare them for a meaningful post-secondary educational opportunity.

School District Policy 2020 recognizes five categories of instructional materials:

Core Instructional Materials are primary instructional resources which have been through an adoption process, including approval by the District Board of Directors

Alternative Core Materials are the primary instructional materials for a given course or subject area that are used in specialized programs.

Intervention Materials are used with students to accelerate progress toward particular learning goals based on systematic assessment and progress monitoring.

Supplemental Materials (District or School) are items used to support or extend instruction. They include, but are not limited to, books, periodicals, visual aids, video, sound recordings, computer software and other digital content.

Temporary Supplemental Materials are materials that support or extend instruction and are of interest or value for a short period of time. Examples might include timely articles from relevant, reliable sources, websites, or news broadcasts. 


Tracy Pitzer
Director of Instructional Leadership – 
Curriculum and Instructional Materials

Lori Miller
IMPC Specialist

Instructional Materials Processing Center (IMPC)