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First student recipient of new district award
First student recipient of new district award
Posted on 03/14/2018

“Provide quality support with care and kindness.” That is the promise of the Puyallup School District’s Special Services and Programs Department. Visiting a different school each month, Executive Director of Special Education Karen Mool, Directors of Special Services Kelly Carrick, Kim Leger, Karen VanWieringen, Sunday Ferris along with special guest Superintendent Dr. Tim Yeomans regularly acknowledge staff members who have exhibited extraordinary care and kindness.

Who was the team honoring at Stahl Junior High on the morning of March 12? Student Angelina Perez. Ninth grader Angela Perez is the first student to be the recipient of the Care and Kindness Award. The honor was definitely warranted.

Showing someone how special they are is part of the theme of Valentine’s Day. This past Valentine’s Day Angelina didn’t just have one individual she wanted to feel special, she had several. Angelina organized an effort to make sure each student in the EXCEL program felt special.

Each student received a red rose, heart balloon, soft plush toy and a set of beads. In addition to the gifts, she gave something even more special, her time. Angelina spent her lunch hour giving each student individualized attention.

Having a special needs cousin is Angelina’s inspiration for showing compassion and love towards her peers.  Since the beginning of the year she has payed attention to students with special needs in Mr. Jackson and Mr. Tamayo’s classroom and she doesn’t plan on stopping.

The Stahl storm community is very proud of Angelina. “Angelina is the classic example of leading by example and not words. Her heartfelt gestures to a group of students that often are overlooked was inspiring to us all.” commented Stahl Principal Troy Hodge.