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Everyday Heroes
Everyday Heroes
Posted on 09/04/2015

Extraordinary students among us:


David Blynov,

Grade 8 (2014-15)

Edgemont Junior High -


From the time he was in elementary school, David Blynov has been a quiet leader known for helping others.


In fourth grade, Blynov “set high standards for himself both academically and in making our classroom a better place,” said his elementary school teacher Judy Faubion.


He passed out papers, straightened desks and chairs, sharpened pencils, and removed art from classroom walls.


“He was a student with a quiet demeanor — kind, and caring,” she said. “He led by example.”


In sixth grade, Blynov was selected as a member of the school’s “Knights of the Round Table.” The group, named after the school’s knight mascot, is made up of students elected by their classmates to attend leadership meetings. Members are responsible for assisting at school assemblies, planning spirit days, and helping with school fundraisers and food drives.


“They work together to make Northwood Elementary a better place for all students,” said Principal Melanie Helle.


Faubion added, “Our motto at Northwood is Northwood Knights are honest, respectful, and responsible. We are knights of integrity. David was a true example of a Northwood Knight, a student that every teacher wishes to have in class.”


The teen’s quiet leadership continued as a seventh and eighth grader at Edgemont Junior High, where he enters ninth grade this fall.


“From the first day of school, he stayed after class and stacked desks or shut windows without being asked,” said teacher Joan Garrett. “If he noticed a piece of paper on the floor, he picked it up — in class, in the hall, or on his way to PE.”


Blynov also offered last year to help students academically, including giving them retakes on spelling quizzes, and helped new students understand notes and classroom procedures, Garrett said.


“He does this because it is his character and not for any reward … he has a strong moral code of respect and integrity,” Garrett said.


The 14-year-old, who likes photography, volleyball, long-boarding, and playing the alto saxophone in band, said he is honored to be selected one of the school district’s Everyday Heroes.


“I think it’s really great, and I’m really thankful I was nominated for this,” he said. “I’d like to thank my teachers and my parents for helping me to grow as a person.”


Blynov will have an opportunity to serve his school in a leadership role again this year as a member of the school’s F.L.I.G.H.T. leadership team.


The Edgemont Junior High mascot is the eagle, and F.L.I.G.H.T. stands for Focused, Leader, Involved, Goal-Oriented, Honest, and Team Player.


Blynov, who is considering a career as an aerospace engineer, received his Edgemont Junior High F.L.I.G.H.T. T-shirt at the end of the last school year and said he looks forward to building school pride this year.


“I want to get everyone involved in the school,” he said.