Smart Phones and Personal Device Support

Smart Phones and Personal Device Support 

Please be aware that there are dozens (maybe hundreds) of variations for setting up email on a smart device (cell phone or tablet). Begin by reviewing your device manual. You will need key information about our email system, which is listed under “Configuration Items,” below. Follow the manual’s directions entering the relevant configuration information. If you need assistance, contact your provider’s technical support.  For most devices, you need to add an account; the account type for Outlook mail is Exchange.  

What you should know 

Setup seems to work well on most devices, but there are some things you should be aware of. Here are a few:

  • You must have a data plan on your device.
  • The synchronization program allows you to choose whether to synchronize mail, calendar items, contacts, etc.
  • Managing your contact list (address book) can be tricky at first. If you have synchronized your contacts with other systems (Gmail, Mobile ME, etc.) you are likely to have duplicate entries if / when you synchronize your device with Exchange.
  • Smart devices typically separate email, contacts and calendar items into separate applications, whereas they are integrated in Outlook/Exchange.


Configuration Items 

The following items are required for the setup. Your phone might auto-discover some of them.




Value / Entry

Email address (your email)



User name

UserID (your network user name)

Domain / User (if single entry)


Server Name (Exchange)

Use SSL (or Secure Connection)


Accept all SSL certificates


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