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Puyallup Superintendent Responds to Dorn Lawsuit
Puyallup Superintendent Responds to Dorn Lawsuit
Posted on 07/15/2016
Dr. Yeomans

In response to State Superintendent Randy Dorn’s lawsuit against the State of Washington and several school districts Puyallup School District Superintendent Tim Yeomans offers the following statement:

It is clear that the intention of this legal action, filed by State Superintendent Randy Dorn, is to spur the legislature into action to meet the requirements of the McCleary lawsuit.

The Washington State Constitution states, “It is the paramount duty of the state to make ample provision for the education of all children residing within its borders.” We agree that the Legislature, up to this point, has not provided adequate funding to do so.

It has been established precedent and past practice in the State of Washington to fund a portion of teachers’ salaries through the use of local levies. On a number of occasions the Legislature has increased local levy authority rather than meet the obligation of paying fair and competitive salaries at the state level.

Our community overwhelmingly supports lower class sizes, enrichment programs, intervention efforts, as well as substantial support to special education students. The Puyallup School District uses levy dollars to support student learning, co-curricular activities, athletics, and the arts. The district operates with full transparency and clarity with our community.

We are disappointed that our district will be spending resources provided by our voters to defend the Puyallup School District in this legal action.